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This STD is generated by the Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium and heavily affects the woman’s reproductive organs. The disease is quite common among women, but it is hardly traceable, as there are no symptoms present in most of the cases, so it takes a long time for women to recognize they have the disease. Nevertheless, once installed in the body, the bacterium causes irreversible ravage, infertility being the worst of them.


Chlamydia is clearly the most widespread STD in the US. To be more accurate, in 2010, more than 1, 300 000 infections with the bacterium were reported to CDC. However, there are definitely more cases of infection, but they are not reported due to the absence of manifestations. So, about 2.8 million cases of infection occur every single year in the US and what is more, women commonly get re-infected if their partners do not get treatment.

ChlamydiaSimilarly to HIV transmission, Chlamydia can be gotten through vaginal, anal, oral sex and it can also be passed from mother to child through vaginal childbirth. The bacterium is so easily transmissible and people should be aware of the fact that many sex partners mean more chances to get it. The disease is very common among teenage girls as they are not entirely mature, therefore they are more prone to infections. Also, homosexual men are at high risk for getting infected with the bacterium.

As much as Chlamydia is a silent disease, in the sense that the symptoms are absent, the consequences of getting contaminated by the bacterium are harsh. Women might experience atypical vaginal discharge, abdominal and low back pain and pain during the sexual act. Men might also encounter a painful sensation when urinating and discharges from the penis. However, the worst part of this disease is yet to come. If untreated, this STD leads to troublesome complications. The bacterium can cause PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) and this one can lead to infertility, permanent pelvic pain and pregnancy outside the uterus (potentially fatal ectopic pregnancy). What is more, this particular STD grows the chances of HIV infection. On the other hand, complications are rarely met at men; however, when this is the case, men can also become sterile.

Providentially, the 21st century’s modern medicine offers numerous solutions to this problem. First of all, it is crucial to get tested. Nowadays, STD testing clinics offer comprehensive STD testing for this bacterium, so there is a wide palette to choose from. An STD test usually involves urine and penis or cervix specimens testing, so they are not painful at all. If you are thinking of having a pregnancy test you can also request a Chlamydia test, this would be wise and also practical.

All in all, you never know when you have a STD once you started your sexual activity and you switch partners on a regular basis. Getting tested does not automatically mean that you have Chlamydia, but it is better to know where you are and to prevent than to treat. So, go get tested at the many STD testing centers and become aware of the state of your body!