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We all know something about HIV, more or less. It is easily transmissible and fatal and destructive in the majority of the cases. The worst aspect of HIV is that it is not only transmitted through sexual fluids, but also blood and breast milk. For this reason, it is hard to be detected and plenty of people live with it until they get to a final stage. Here is some general information about this virus and what to do and where to go to get tested, or in short, to be cautious at the right time.


HIV VirusHIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) affects the body cells bit by bit and if not properly treated, the virus will bring the organism into a feeble state. So, fatalism is inevitable not because the virus irremediably affects the body, but because it weakens the organism, making it prone to all kinds of infections and diseases. When a person gets to this stage, he or she then has AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

HIV is transmitted through different ways. Generally, it happens through unprotected sexual intercourse, but it can also be contracted by oral sex. However, this is quite unlikely to happen, as not many people have sores and cuts inside their mouth. Then, the mother can give it to her baby during pregnancy or birth and through breast feeding. Also, blood products and blood transfusions also allow the transmission of the virus.

Infection with HIV is not immediately obvious for everyone, but 70 per cent of the persons infected face the first symptoms in the first weeks from the contamination. However, it is hard to decide what is wrong, because the symptoms indicate flu: fever, sore throat and rash occurring simultaneously. These things might disappear in time, but this is just the beginning, because once in the body, the virus slowly attacks the immunity, making the organism sensitive to almost anything, fact that eventually leads to death.

Since everyone who has an active sexual life or shares needles with someone else is predisposed to get the virus, it is important to get tested regularly, so as to be cautious and keep safe. You will always be able to find an STD test for HIV in the STD testing clinics or STD testing centers, but if you want to be really accurate about this, there are plenty of assays offered for a price of 50 dollars, which are 100 per cent precise.

To conclude, if you are a sexually active person, especially if you often change sexual partners, you should definitely go for STD testing for the virus, as you never know who might give it to you or who you might give it to. This is a serious matter and there is a small chance of getting the virus even if you are protected while sexual intercourse. So, for your peace of mind and for a healthy careless life, go get tested for HIV now, because it is cheap and really fast!